Welcome to Restoration Church Camano Island!

Foundations - Tuesdays at 5:30 pm

Light dinner at 5:30 PM
Start 6:00 PM
End 8:30 PM

Learn the foundations of the Christian Faith.  Join us to strengthen your walk with Jesus


This course will cover the following subjects:

Biblical Tools:
Week 1 The Nature of the Bible (Authority, Reliability, Canonicity)
Week 2 Understanding the Bible (Grand Narrative, Structure)
Week 3 Understanding the Bible (Studying the Bible, Interpreting the Bible)
Week 4 Teaching the Bible (Applying the Bible, Teaching the Bible)

Doctrinal Tools:
Week 5 Understanding the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
Week 6 The Nature of God (Who is He and what is He like?)
Week 7 The Person of Jesus Christ (Hypostasis fully God/fully man)
Week 8 The Nature of Man (Imago Dei, fallen man, restored man)
Week 9 The Nature of Salvation (by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone)


Sign up in Planning Center.  Course material can be downloaded from the "Resources" tab, once you sign up.

 At the Northeast end of Camano Island is Restoration Church. We exist to connect people to the restoring grace of Jesus Christ.

We meet at 10:30 on Sundays as we Worship Jesus and fellowship together.

Our values are pretty simple:

  • Our Bibles are open.
  • Our coffee pot is on.
  • Our team needs another starter.
  • Our passport is current
  • Our story is worth sharing.
  • Our goal is God’s glory!

1) Drive-In: The message will also be broadcast (at Restoration Church only) on FM station 107.5 for those who chose to stay in your car and  for tithes and offerings you can drop them in the mailbox near the parking lot entrance, please put in an envelope. 

2) Video: The message will be recorded and available on Restoration's YouTube channel as soon as possible after the conclusion of the live service. Subscribe for the latest!

3) Find Gospel Community! Gospel Community is where Restoration Church prays for each other, encourages one another, and supports one another as we imperfectly follow Jesus and his teachings.

Restoration Church exists to connect people to the restoring grace of Christ Jesus. We do this by teaching the Bible in its historical context, applying its truth to our daily lives, and living in a community that seeks to glorify God with all that we are.

 2 Timothy 2:2 (Making disciples of Jesus who can make disciples who can make more disciples!)


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