John 2:13-25


Pastor Troy VanHorn


WHAT ARE YOU SEEKING?                 


HEAD:  What did I learn?

(How did my understanding of God change, what thought, fact, or insight did I discover?)



HEART:  What did I feel?

(Does it match up with what God has said about me in His Word? Does it move me closer to Him or separate us?)



HANDS:  What will I do about it?

(Is there a sin to repent of and confess, is there an attitude to change, a behavior to stop or start?)



What generates the most anger in this world? Traffic? Grocery store lines? Others? 


How do you think most people express it? Is this healthy or not?


When you are angry, how do you express it? Remember, anger is not sin.

Describe some healthy ways to express anger. Look at Ephesians  4:25-27


Jesus flipped the money changers tables and chased out the larger animal vendors. He told the dove sellers to get them out. They were there providing a service to the worshippers, right? Why did he create such a scene?


Where does religious faith, obedience, or dedication become slave to convenience or comfort in your life?


The temple was the centerpiece of Jewish religious identity and practice…It represented God on earth. Jesus, God in the flesh, goes to the temple and sees the corruption, misuse and abuse, cruelty and greed. If Jesus were to walk into our church today, what would cause him to make a whip and throw it out? How can we make sure we are worshipping God properly and not letting the world stain his Church? How can we care for the lost in the world and remain faithful?


(2:22)The disciples remembered Jesus’s words after he was raised from the grave. He was clearly making a defining statement about his resurrection and victory over sin and death. Do you learn and understand lessons from Scripture when you read them or do you understand after you experience something and then God uses Scripture to teach you? Is it a mix? Do you learn new things from old truths? How would you teach someone to hear what God is saying from Scripture?


John’s Gospel has this account very early. Matthew and Luke place it much later in their accounts. This chronological difference is not significant when we consider John’s stated purpose. He is not attempting to be a simple recorder of events. He is, as an artist, creating an account from events that tells the overall, condensed purpose of Jesus. John is showing the Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Immediately, in Jesus first public act, he makes the claim of his death, burial, and resurrection. NO ONE understands until AFTER his resurrection. John is showing how the Jews immediately opposed Jesus.


For seeing the temple layout and a tiny Hebrew lesson, check out this link-


Some will want to argue about business in the church. This brings up discussions about church bookstores, coffee shops, etc… If you want another perspective on this check out this video from Desiring God.


Jesus talks about His Father’s house being a house of prayer (Mt 21:12, Isa 56:7). Prayers is essential for the life of the believer. RCC is moving to pray and fast more. Praying in service, praying at special times of the year, praying at home, praying for each other, praying for our leaders and praying for our community and world. This is to align us with the heart of God through His Word and prayer and to empower us, equip us, and encourage us to be a faithful community of believers in Jesus. How will you be more intentional and involved in prayer at RCC?

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