John 3:22-36
Pastor Troy VanHorn 10/28/2018


HEAD:  What did I learn? (How did my understanding of God change, what thought, fact, or insight did I discover?)
HEART:  What did I feel? (Does it match up with what God has said about me in His Word? Does it move me closer to Him or separate me from Him?)
HANDS:  What will I do about it?  (Is there a sin to repent of and confess, is there an attitude to change, a behavior to stop or start?)
When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?  How has that turned out? Can you still do it? Would you even want to do it anymore?
John was experiencing a personal loss but it led to making much of Jesus. His character speaks volumes. Experiences shape us. What are some of the things that have shaped how you have matured as a person? Did you see this as a good thing at the time? Since then, how has God used this in your life for good? God’s has purpose and vision for life and ministry for every person. Sometimes other see it in us before we do. • If you are in a group-Describe for the person on your left, affirm how you have seen God using them for His good. • If you are flying solo-write down three significant things God has used to shape you. Reflect on how these can be used for good and thank God for the growth.
John the Baptist accepted his role and his scope of ministry. John’s ministry was prophesied in Psalms, Isaiah 40, and Micah 3. He could have made a career decision to improve his following. Instead, he continued to point people toward Jesus. Sometimes we compare our life and ministry with others. Some look around with discontent, thinking; ‘If only I were…’  This thinking never helps. It is coveting at best, at worst it is arrogance that wishes to stand where God stands. You are called to serve the way God has created you. ‘You do you’ better than trying to  be someone else. How do the following passages put this into perspective?  
Psalm 139:16  Proverbs 3:5-6 Romans 12:1-8
What does this say about your participation in the body at RCCI? Are you necessary? Are you doing your part to be part of the body? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, is it God directing it, someone else, or you?  
 The journey Jesus takes through Cana is specific to the Gospel of John. He purposefully shapes the narrative to demonstrate Jesus is the Son of God so that you might believe. (Ch 20:31) The timeline is different than Matthew, Mark, and Luke. (These three books are called The Synoptics). The Synoptics function more like newspaper reporting. Just the facts, with a slant toward their particular audience. John is more artistic than reporting. His agenda is not keeping a tight chronology of events, but relaying particular vignettes-signs and conversations (discourse).  
This particular account shows John’s complete trust in the person of Jesus. It shows his Read the accounts of John’s imprisonment, his concern that Jesus is legitimate, (Matthew 11:1-19 and Luke 7:18-35) and subsequent execution (Matthew 14:1-12.) John the Baptist, while in prison and sensing his impending end, may have wondered that Jesus really was the Messiah. This is important for us to recognize that things may not turn out OK for Christians in this life. But that is no reason to doubt Jesus. The true believe is committed to Jesus regardless of the outcome because He is God and capable of saving. He says he will save and he is faithful!
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