With the Crowd, On the Shore, With Jesus.   JOHN 6:16-21                          01/27/2019

Pastor Troy VanHorn



HEAD:  What did I learn?

(How did my understanding of God change, what thought, fact, or insight did I discover?)












HEART:  What did I feel?

(Does it match up with what God has said about me in His Word? Does it move me closer to Him or separate us?)










HANDS:  What will I do about it?

(Is there a sin to repent of and confess, is there an attitude to change, a behavior to stop or start?)










Swimmer, boater, our beach bum? Do you prefer to be on the water, near the water, or in the water? Has this changed over the years? Describe one of your favorite or worst memories about the water.











Jesus went up the mountain but instructed the disciples to go on ahead. The disciples were qualified to handle the waves, but not the crowds. Once on the water, they were struggling. When have you felt like you had it under control, but later realized were in over your head?  







Where are you struggling to make progress right now?










As soon as Jesus got into the boat, they arrived at their destination. It was immediate. What does this say about our struggles today? What passages come to mind regarding this?







 When you read the Synoptic accounts of this story, Matthew and John, we get a wider view. The disciples are very fearful, Jesus sent them off, Peter walks on water, but ends up sinking… There is much more detail than the Gospel of John gives. John’s emphasis is to ensure the reader understand that Jesus is God-and that they believe. The Synoptics record much more of the human side. Peter’s desire to be faithful and failing. John makes sure we understand that Jesus- regardless of our failures-is faithful! Remember that John wrote that we would believe! John highlights six different ‘signs’ of Jesus to show he truly is Messiah, God in the flesh!


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