John 7:25-52

Pastor Troy VanHorn


RIVERS OF LIVING WATER                  JOHN 7 :25-52                         02/24/2019

Pastor Troy VanHorn



HEAD:  What did I learn?

(How did my understanding of God change, what thought, fact, or insight did I discover?)





HEART:  What did I feel?

(Does it match up with what God has said about me in His Word? Does it move me closer to Him or separate us?)





HANDS:  What will I do about it?

(Is there a sin to repent of and confess, is there an attitude to change, a behavior to stop or start?)




The differing people groups in John 7 are marked. There are the travelers in Jerusalem for the festival of Booths, there are the residents of Jerusalem, there are the religious leaders who disbelieve, and the religious leaders who believe. How do you see these types of groups today?




The lack of action by the religious leaders had them wondering, too. How do questions about Jesus help our faith? How does they hinder it?




The people were disputing Jesus’ origin. This would call into question Jesus rightful place as Messiah. The crowd did not have complete information. How have you struggled to trust in Jesus when you have ‘incomplete’ information?




‘Thirst’ in this life is for pleasure, power, or possessions. How is the life of the Christian different? What is more clearly seen in our PNW/Camano Island community? A thirst for pleasure, power, or possessions? How can ‘your Jesus story’ bring restoration to a person seeking these things?



Rivers of Living Water will flow from you as you are regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Here are six key questions for your River of Living Water to flow healthy and clean!

  • How will I fill my mind with truth?
  • How will I fuel my affections for God?
  • How will I share God’s love as a witness in the world?
  • How will I show God’s love as a member of a church?
  • How will I spread God’s glory among all people?
  • How will I make disciple-makers among a few people?




Nicodemus had sought out Jesus before this. (Remember John 3?) Now, he speaks up when the others are bringing accusations against Jesus. He did not defend him, but did ask that they follow their own system. How can you operate in the world today when you are prompted to take a stand as a Christ follower?



Key Passages of the Work of the Holy Spirit

These passages mark the work of the Spirit in the New Testament. We read the Bible in context. These expressions may challenge us because they are difficult to understand. It is essential for the Christian to know that the enemy can duplicate the gifts, but not the fruit of the Spirit spoken of in Galatians 5:22-23. The gifts are meant for the building up of the Church, local and universal. True expressions of the gifts and fruit ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS point to Jesus!



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