Gospel of John study notes

John 1:1-18


Chapter 1:19-34 September 16, 2018

Thanks for picking up this booklet. This is an experiment for us as a church. Discipleship

is critical. We are called to be more and more like Jesus. We are commanded to make disciples that make disciples capable of making more disciples.

This booklet is a tool to be used for this purpose. It helps each person to process what they have heard and learned, putting it into practice in daily life. This purpose is to share the greatest and only hope we have-Jesus!

God has placed us in community together. We learn from each other and grow together! Please share any stories, questions, and insights you experience as a result of walking through this material.


How to use this booklet:

Sermon Notes Each week there will be a place to take notes during the sermon, doodle, 

Group Study/Personal Devotional This is a place to record observations, tease out the interpretation, and make applications to every day life. 

Deeper Study  Additional texts, resources for further study, blank space 




John’s baptism was a baptism symbolizing repentance. Jesus did not need to repent of any sin, but was baptized in John’s baptism for the sake of all mankind. This was a substitute act and demonstrated Jesus’s ‘propitiation.’ This is one way that God’s anger at sin is ‘satisfied’ in Jesus. (Romans 3:25, Hebrews 2:17, and 1


Sermon Notes from John 1:19-34

  • Head: What did I learn?




  • Heart: What impacted my heart?




  • Hands: What will I do about these things?




John the Baptist is a key player in the story of Jesus. Isaiah 40:3 is a prophecy linked to him coming before the messiah. Continue reading through Isa 40:8. How does this relate to John 1:1-18? What does it say about the temporal nature of mankind? What should our perspective be towards Jesus, God’s Word, and eternity?


Check out Matthew 3, Mark 1, and Luke 3. How does Jesus’s baptism differ from John’s baptism of repentance? How does it differ from believer’s baptism? Why is baptism important for the Church? (What we celebrate as an ordinance of the Church. Mt 28:18-20,


There are lots of scary/entertaining teachings out there. Blood moons, red heifers, end timey stuff. There has always been the doomsayer with the megaphone shouting about the end of days. The Pharisees sent a group to ask John the Baptist who he was…Elijah reborn, the Messiah, Moses…How can a believer know?

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