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JOHN 15:18-27

MAY 19, 2019


How do you respond when there is a conflict with someone?  

Do you fight or flee? Does it matter if you like them or not?


Reading the text for this week, Jesus has told the disciples that they will be hated. Why would someone hate them?


How has our church culture become ‘friends with the world’?


Have you ever been ‘persecuted?’  What were you hassled about?


Have you ever been persecuted for following Jesus? What happened? How did you feel?


In our effort to avoid suffering, we often miss our opportunity to serve or sacrifice.

What should the believer’s response be when persecution comes?

Read 1 Peter 3:13-18, Romans 8:31-39

Pray for each other to remain faithful to God's glory in the midst of persecution and pain.





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