Thanks for utilizing this resource! Use it as a way to get your discussion started. You may find you go far and wide, but keep it centered on the Bible and living out the Gospel in all of life!



John 18:1-14


What types of habits would your phone’s location services say about you?


Jesus was known to go to the Garden of Gethsemane by those closest to him. (this is how Judas knew where to find him!) What spiritual ‘habits’ do you have?


What do you ‘know all that would happen’ when you stand with Jesus? (v.4)


Jesus asked the company “Whom do you seek?” He stepped into it. Do you wait for people to ask questions of you or do you ‘step into it?’


Who in your life are you intentionally sharing the Gospel with?

(Be specific-and pray for these people during the group!)


How can Jesus’s power surprise people today? How is it demonstrated through your life?


When is it acceptable to rebel/fight back against tyrannical authority? What would you have done in Peter’s situation?


Jesus faithfully protects the disciples. How will he faithfully protect you? How does he protect those in countries where following him is against the law of the land?


How are you preparing to be obedient to God if you were arrested and all was taken from you? What steps can you encourage each other to take to be faithfully obedient?





Various Times/Locations

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June 29

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August 11 immediately following service

Last name begins with A-M bring a side dish!

Last name begins with N-Z bring a dessert!



September 7th-15ish

A team from TX is coming to provide labor for the roof. We will need tools, trucks, and tailgaters! If you can help, we could use it! Write a connection card or an email with “TOOLS” in the title!


Food will need to be provided throughout the week! If you can help out with some shopping, cooking, cleaning, serving, and general awesomeness, mark your connection card or email with “FOOD” This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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