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John 18:28-40

What are religious traditions does/did your family have? Think around Christmas, Easter, other holidays…but what about other areas like ‘saying grace’ before a meal.


What areas of these traditions are based in Scripture and what are just cultural?


The Jews had traditions that were set in law. They used these the law established by to God to set up their own system of righteousness. When Jesus came along, they bristled at his loving correction. They were accustomed to using the Law and their tradition to benefit their own views, rather than being humble and open before the Lord. Read John 18:28-40


Each of the people in this passage reject Jesus as the truth and fall on their own understanding. The Jews on tradition, Pilate on his career trajectory.


Which is your natural tendency?


Where do you tend to build “fences?” Areas that you steer widely clear of to avoid sin…


What did Jesus have to say about His Kingdom in 36-37?


How can you embrace truth and reject cultural traditions and trajectories?




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