The New Normal Requires Agility, Adaptation, And Creativity In Sharing the Gospel.

      Our re-opening went well! Congrats and thank you's to our team of volunteers that did so much, so quickly! We had over 40 people in the building and in the parking lot this weekend. Think of all the masks, FM transmitters, video recording, social distancing, drive-in parking lot service, zoom meetings, emails, texts, and all the other things we have adapted to over the last three months. It can be exhausting. And at times, it was mentally fatiguing. The agility to adapt quickly to a changing culture will require much creativity. This is what we see throughout the Acts of the Apostles. It can be tiring, quite impossible, apart from the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

      Yet today, I feel energized and strengthened by the Spirit! It was incredibly powerful to see our team come together and accomplish a re-opening. It was greatly encouraging to see our family and friends this past Sunday. Even if it was behind a mask and at least six feet away! It was good to sing out in worship. Even if it was only for a few songs. Let me remind you, God is not impressed with the number of songs, minutes in preaching, listening, or fellowship. He is concerned and noticing of your heart.

      There are many things about this current culture that are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and downright upsetting. But don't let those things eclipse your heart from God's love! (Pardon the shameless 80's Bonnie Tyler reference.) God is in control and will use us for His glory. Submit yourself to Him first!

      Please spend some time in prayer this week! Fast and pray for our nation to be healing from the sin of racism and hatred. Pray for those lost souls who are hungry for real truth. And pray for our friends around the world. I have received multiple communications of pastors, people in the churches, and communities that do not have food. They don't have money to buy food if they can find it. I will be fasting one day each week and praying for these things. A fast is a reminder for us to seek God and rely on Him rather than any other thing. When your stomach growls, it reminds you to pray and thank God for being your supply and sustainer. (You can fast from things other than food-TV, internet, etc) When you desire the thing you are fasting from, a prayer to only depend on God will free you from the control of that thing. Will you join me? Let's fast and pray for our nation and world. This dependence and connectivity with God will equip us to be agile, adaptive, and creative in reaching Stanwood, Camano Island, and the ends of the earth with the gospel!

      We will continue to meet on Sunday at 10:30 with the guidelines that DOH has given until we get to Phase 3.
      I hope to see you on Sunday! 2 Timothy 2:2

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